For the Advancement of Excellence in Counseling and Human Development

CCA’s Governing Board comprises between 15 and 21 members, including officers, representatives from each of our 10 divisions, a human rights representative, and an Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is composed of the Board President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, Treasurer, Corporate Secretary, Corporate Administrator, and one representative from each of the two largest divisions.

Governing Board

Executive Committee

Sharon Bowles

Executive Director and President Pro-tem

Evelynn Burton

Past President

Nancy Elsner


Divisions & Affiliates

Emma Borens

President, CSCA

Alicia Fausto

President, CLC

Celia Moyer

Representative, CAMC

Emerald Templeton

President, CACES

Ken Tramiel

President, 4CA

Dianna Wheaton

Representative, CARVIC

Samantha Ashford

Graduate Student Representative

Virginia Rosales

Graduate Student Representative

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