For the Advancement of Excellence in Counseling and Human Development

Divisions and Affiliates


CA Career Development Association (CCDA)

CCDA is dedicated to the advancement and professional development of career development specialists within the State of California. CCDA is concerned that all individuals be guided to the fullest use of their knowledge, abilities and skills in a career. To join, visit:

CA Association for Counselor Education & Supervision (CACES)

CACES supports and advocates for the need of quality education and supervision of counselors in all work settings.

CA Association for Measurement and Evaluation (CAMEC)

CAMEC promotes the effective use of assessment in counseling. 

CA Association for Multicultural Counseling (CAMC)

CAMC aims to improve cultural, ethnic and racial sensitivity and understanding in counseling.


CA Association for Religious Values and Issues in Counseling (CARVIC)

CARVIC empowers and enables the expression, exploration, and development of spiritual, ethical and religious values in counseling and human development.

CA School Counselor Association (CSCA)

CSCA promotes school counseling and interest in activities that affect the personal, academic, and career development of students. 

Interests Groups

CA Community College Counselors Association (4CA)

Black Caucus

Chicano/Latino Caucus

Address: PO Box 5700, Oakland, CA, 94605 | Email: | Phone: 510-500-4477

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